Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Start A Warm New Years FLEECE Tradition

Fun with Fleece


  • Fleece
  • Fabric Scissors

1.        Cut two pieces of fleece 14”X30”
2.       Keeping both pieces of fleece together, cut  1 ½” slits all along the bottom of one end of the rectangle.  As you reach the edge you will cut out a piece approximately 1 ½” square.
3.       Continue to cut slits up each side of the rectangle until you have about 14” of each side cut.
4.       Cut a strip off of the remaining length of each side of the rectangle. These will be the handles.
5.       From the INSIDE -TOP of the rectangle cut out the center pieces.  Make sure you DO NOT cut down further than the top slits on each side.
6.       Next, cut a little snip in the top middle of each fringe piece you cut.  You want to make the snip just even with the ends of each of your original cuts (that make the fringe).
7.       Next take both pieces of a fringe piece and push it through the slit in the top of the fringe. Pull snuggly and securely.
8.       Do this step with each of the fringe pieces.
9.       Tie the ends of the handle pieces into square knots at the top.
10.   To make the flowers…cut two different sizes of squares.  I used a 4” and a 3”.  Make little slits on each of the sides almost to the center.
11.   Fold the square in ½ and take out little triangle pieces from each side as shown
12.   You can cut away more from each petal to shape as desired.
13.   Layer flowers on top of one another and cut two slits in the center about ¼” apart from each other.
14.   Cut slits in desired location on the purse. 
15.   Line up slits in flowers and slits on purse.
16.   Cut a ½”X4” piece of fleece from your scraps.  From the inside of the purse, push each end of the scrap fleece through the slits in the purse and flower pieces. 
17.   From the front side of the purse, tie the scrap piece into a square knot and clip ends to desired length.

1.       Cut a single piece of fleece 8”X36”.
2.       Along the 8” ends, cut in about 3”…every 1”. 
3.       Follow steps 6 & 7 to finish off fringe
4.       You can follow steps 10-17 if you desire to add flowers
1.       Cut a piece of fleece 3-5” wide by (circumference of head + 2”).  Make sure you cut the fleece so it is cut on the stretchy length…meaning you want your rectangle to “give” or stretch some.
2.       Cut the end pieces as shown…making and indent and “raindrop” shape in the middle end.
3.       Cut a slit in one of the raindrops as shown.
4.       Slip one of the raindrops through the other as shown. Set aside
5.       Cut flower as you did in steps 10-17 above, only make 3 flower pieces. 
6.       Push raindrop pieces through the slits in the flower.

1.       Measure your head and divide by 4.  Add 2” to that measurement and that is the bottom of the triangle pieces you will cut. You need 4 pieces of fleece…all the same color or use two coordinating colors.  You can make the hat as long/tall as you desire. 
2.       Cut fringe along the two sides of the triangle as you did in steps 6-7 of the purse.
3.       At the very top of the triangle cut strips or raindrop shapes.
4.       You will secure the fringe as before only secure using two different pieces at a time. 
5.       Add a new side until you are all finished and the hat is in a round.
6.       Tie the raindrops from the INSIDE of the hat.
7.       Roll up the edge of the hat.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ultimate Holiday Give-A-Way!!!

WELCOME to Utah's Crafty Chick's
Ultimate Holiday Give-A-Way!  
For those of you who joined us on the show yesterday you watched as we gave away a NEW Cricut Cake it's time to give the rest of the gifts away!

Here are the prizes up for grabs...! NO TIME TO WASTE! :)
As a are the contest rules:

  • Gifts are listed below. Each gift has been assigned a number, with a short description. 
  • Enter for as many DIFFERENT items as you want...but you may only enter for each item ONCE. 
  • First email for each item is the winner, unless you have already won another item, then the next email will be declared the winner. 
  • In the subject line, you MUST indicate the item # you are entering for. ONE ITEM # PER EMAIL!  Example: Entering for 5 things = 5 DIFFERENT emails
  • Email body should contain ONLY your contact information.  Contact information to be included: Name, address, city, state & zip code and phone number (with area code).
  • Email entries to:
  • Email entries will be accepted until 9pm, December 15, 2011, or until all prizes are awarded. 
  • Winners will be notified by Monday, December 19, 2011.
  • ALL prizes MUST be picked up at the KUTV Channel 2 station in Salt Lake City by Dec. 31, 2011.  Photo ID required to pick up prize. 


Bo Bunny Gift Pack
Included: 4 - 6X6 paper packs with coordinating brad sets.

Envelope Makers
2 Kreate-A-Lopes, 2 sizes (A2 & 6x6). Lick & stick envelope glue. Make your own envelopes in less than a minute with these templates. Special envelope glue allows you to add glue to the flap of your envelope and once it dries it can be moistened just like a store bought envelope. 

Gift Certificate for a one hour massage from licensed massage therapist Kim Paget.  Relax away the holiday stress! Located in So. Ogden, UT. 

Pamper yourself!
"Glamour Us Nails" by Cindee Bennett.  Gift Certificate for your choice of: Glitter Toes OR Gel Glitter Nails OR 2 Week Manicure with Gel Polish.  Look your very best this holiday season.  Located in Kaysville, UT. 

Wedding Gift Pack
Crafty Bride idea book (signed by the author), Mini 6X6 Bo Bunny wedding paper slab & 2" clear acrylic alphabet letters. 

Willow Tree Figurine
"Thoughtful Child" figurine.  Beautifully created by Susan Lordi.

Cricut Cartridge
"Spring Holiday" cartridge.  Lots of fun cute shapes and sayings to celebrate those fun spring holidays. For use with the Cricut cutting machines. 

Paparazzi Jewelry
Red Necklace and earring set.  Donated by Shauna Shaw/Independent Consultant.  All jewelry $5.00 every day! Schedule your party now for all those last minute shoppers!  

A basket full of yarn for your crocheting or knitting project. 

ITEM #10
12X12 Scrapbook Kit
12X12 scrapbook binder, 12X12 cardstock slab, 

ITEM #11
Scrapbook Album
8X8 scrapbook album - tan colored

ITEM #12
Paparazzi Jewelry
Dark metal & black necklace & earring set. Donated by Shauna Shaw/Independent Consultant.  All jewelry $5.00 every day! Schedule your party now for all those last minute shoppers!  

ITEM #13
Silent Setter
Eyelet setting tool. No banging a hammer to set your eyelets...just a twist of the wrist.  Includes interchangeable tips to set 3 different sizes of eyelets.  Eyelets also included. 

ITEM #14
Scrapbook Kit
8X8 scrapbook album, paper pack and embellishments

ITEM #15
Potpourri of craft supplies
Little green table top organizer full of crafting supplies...Pen-Cut scissors, glitter flowers, ribbon, more! 

ITEM #16
My Mind's Eye
"Cherish" card kit.  Make beautifully created cards with this simple kit. 

ITEM #17
Paparazzi Jewelry
Multi-Strand necklace & earring set. Donated by Shauna Shaw/Independent Consultant.  All jewelry $5.00 every day! Schedule your party now for all those last minute shoppers!  

ITEM #18
Willow Tree Figurine
"Inquisitive Child" figurine.  Beautifully created by Susan Lordi.

ITEM #19
Willow Tree Figurine
 "Caring Child" figurine.  Beautifully created by Susan Lordi.

ITEM #20
Cuttle Bug "Spring Floral" die.and embossing folders "Cat". For use with the CuttleBug die cut machine.

ITEM #21
Shadow box scrapbook album. Fits 12X12 pages

ITEM #22
Vinyl wall kit.  Saying: "Make each day...your masterpiece"

ITEM #23
Paparazzi Jewelry
Blue necklace and earring set. Donated by Shauna Shaw/Independent Consultant.  All jewelry $5.00 every day! Schedule your party now for all those last minute shoppers!  

(NO ITEM #'s 24 & 25)

ITEM #26
Stampin FUN!
Stamp lovers pack! Foam alphabet stamp set, wood alphabet set and a set of tag stamps. 

ITEM #27 a clock!
24" unfinished wood clock with sponge brushes and varnish.  Create your own time masterpiece.