Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recycled Container Crafts

Recycled Box Crafts
 September 29, 2010
Recycled Crafts
by Wendy Switzer


·         Recycled containers – popcorn box, cereal box, matches container & 2 liter pop bottle
·         Patterned paper & coordinating cardstock
·         Ribbon
·         Adhesive runner
·         Glue dots
·         Scissors
·         Ruler
·         XL brads & button magnets
·         Floral Stems
·         Acetate plastic
·         Tulle, Tissue paper, etc.
·         Paper crimper
·         Rick rack


1.     Securely glue down the flaps of the opened end of a cereal box.  Cut one of the side panels off.
2.     Cut matching elongated handles out of each side of the cereal box.
3.     Cut patterned paper or wrapping paper to fit the box. 
4.     Glue paper on the entire outside of the box. Cut away handle holes. 
5.     Decorate with accents such as ribbon, yarn, rick rack, etc.
6.     Pull apart your floral stem and add a few large flowers to the outside.  Add a XL brad for the flower center.  This can be used as a cute carrying bag or a unique gift bag. Add gift and tissue paper...perfect!

1.     Use your matches container for this project.  Measure your container and cut paper to completely cover the container. 
2.     For the boys bug container, cut a rectangle hole in the center of the outer lid part.  Cut a piece of acetate and secure it to the inside.  This becomes your see-through window for your bug catcher.
3.     You can also cover the sliding drawer of the container, but make sure your paper is not too thick or you will not be able to slide it very easily.
4.     Girls container…same as above only we did not cut out a center window.  We added a rectangle piece of paper, cut a decorative edge and added a paper flower in the center. This can be used as a cute gift box.

1.     Cut small side flaps off the popcorn box.
2.     Glue large end flaps down, as if the box were secured closed like new. 
3.     Make a cut along the long end of one of the larger flaps…so now you have a top flap that will open.  The two flaps that you cut off the sides, adhere together and attach to the flap (where you cut it from the box).  Make sure you still have a fold right at the cut edge so that your extended flap will fold over the box and create your purse flap.
4.     Completely cover your box in cardstock, paper or wrapping paper. 
5.     Punch holes in the sides of the boxes (just below where you cut off the small flaps in step 1.
6.     Cut a length of ribbon approx. 24” long. 
7.     Poke XL brads through the ribbon and then through the holes you punched in the box.  Open the brad ends on the inside of the box.
8.     Decorate the outside of the box with ribbon, flowers, etc.
9.     Add two magnet buttons to the underside of the purse flaps (one on each side) and 2 more button magnets attached to the outside of the purse.  Make sure the magnets are placed so that they will all match up when the flap is in the closed position.

1.     Rinse and dry your soda bottle.
2.     About 3” from the bottom of your bottle you will notice a slight indent/ring.  This will be your cutting guide.
3.     Cut the bottom of the bottle off right along that ring.
4.     Cut a slight slit in the larger portion of the bottle, starting at the bottom (where you cut the bottom off) and cut up about 4”.  This will give you the slack you need to fit the bottle back inside the bottom piece after you are done filling your container and decorating it.
5.     Decorate the bottle with paper, a crimped hat edged with rick rack, add some ribbon for the top of the party hat, etc.  Be creative.  You can add a word strip towards the top.
6.     Tie tulle, ribbon, etc. around the neck of the bottle. 
7.     Add some accent on top and around the lid if desired.  Add a gift tag to complete the gift.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T-Shirt Jewelry & Scarf

September 22, 2010
T~Shirt Jewelry & Scarves
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·        T-shirts – used/old or new, large or small sizes
·        Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
·        Beads with large holes

1.      Begin by pre-washing your t-shirt (if using new t-shirts).
2.     Start at the bottom of the t-shirt and cut off the bottom hem.
3.     Cut strips 1” wide.  The larger the t-shirt size the longer the strips will be which will vary your finished project size.
4.     Pull each strip to it’s maximum stretch point.  This will curl and stretch your pieces into the “ropes” to be used in this project.  You will need 5-8 “ropes” for each project.
5.     To make a necklace, gather 4-6 “rope” ends.  Hold in both hands and in one motion, twist one hand away from you and the other towards you (your ropes will look like a figure 8).  Bring hands together and you now have your necklace form.

6.     Take another “rope” and twist the same way only do it twice.  Tie your knot around the bottom part of the necklace. (blue)  You can either tie it or do a double “rubberband tie” loop for a different look.  (white)
7.     You can also take strips of t-shirt fabric and make little ties around the necklace. 
8.     Tie knots around one entire rope and add to plain ropes for a different look. 
9.     You can take one strip and run 3 beads onto it.  Tie it together with a knot.  Tie two knots at the opposite end on either side of the middle bead.  This will give you a necklace with two different looks.  First you have a necklace that is “bead, knot, bead, knot, bead.  If you slide the outer two beads to the other end then you have a “knot, bead, knot” necklace.
To make the scarf…You will want to use large t-shirts for this.  Take 6 “ropes”, divide into two groups of three  and “rubberband tie” them together at one end.  On the other ends, tie knots and you are done. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

AHHHHHH...I know you have felt that way too!!! :)

Don't we just want to scream that some times?  LOL  I have been running so fast and furious lately...with my show each week, hosting & filming DVD's for Provo Craft and now designing for them with their new machine for it's launch!  "CALGON...take me away"!   HAHAHA...remember that commercial?  LOL  Well, if you do remember it, I'm sure you are thinking the same as I am..."YEAH, RIGHT...LIKE THAT EVER HAPPENS DURING MY DAY"!...and if you don't remember it, then one of two things are the reason...either you had not yet emerged from the womb or you have "too much experience" in life to remember such a trivial thing! :)  In any case, if I don't get a break soon I fear you might find me walking aimlessly through a craft store muttering something about mod podge!!!

I was amazed yesterday at the response I received following my show.  I hadn't even left the studio when over 120 emails came through on my phone! WOW! THANKS EVERYONE!!! Best response to date!  I guess you all liked it, huh?! LOL No pressure now for next weeks! YIKES! Thinking cap is in place!

I have Utah's Crafty Chick on FB, on Twitter, a blog and an email...WHAT WAS I THINKING???  I am about as computer challenged as they come and I do this to myself? All we can do is laugh at ourselves for the ridiculous ways we try to keep up with the younger generation and technology! HAHAHA! Yeah, well, that laugh DID NOT WORK...I still have to try and keep up with it all now...WITH ALL THAT "SPARE" TIME I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL  So, PLEASE be patient with me as I try and keep up with it all.  The DVD filming will wrap in October and perhaps then I will be able to find my way out of my design center for more than just an occasional potty break! (Sorry for the TMI)

Back to Creating...
"Utah's Crafty Chick"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pop Out Birthday Card

September 15, 2010
Pop Out Birthday Card
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·        Cricut Machine
·        Cricut Accessories – mat, spatula, etc.
·        Cricut Cartridge – "George & Basic Shapes" (or balloon punch)
·        Cardstock – Yellow, red
·        Patterned paper - "Bo Bunny", or other birthday patterns
·        Adhesive runner
·        Adhesive pen
·        Foam adhesive dots/squares
·        Paper Cutter
·        Paper Scoring
·        Bone Folder
·        Ruler & pencil
·        Xacto knife and cutting mat
·        White string
·        Red ribbon, or other coordinating
·        Ink

  1. Decide which color will be used as your base.  Cut it into 2 pieces measuring 6”X12”.  Score both pieces at 2”, 4”, 8” & 10”.  These will be your folding marks.  Do not fold your creases yet.  
  2. Ink each piece of paper as you go along, if that look is desired.
  3.  Place both pieces in front of you, horizontally.   Measure 1 ½” down from the top and make a small mark on the 2” & 10” scoring lines. Take your ruler and line up these marks and use the Xacto knife to cut a line from the 2” to the 10” mark.  Do the same measuring and cutting a line, 1 ½” up from the bottom. 
  4.  Fold on the score lines.  Fold as an accordion style; fold first column away from you, next away from you, etc.  
  5.  Using the same color as your card base, cut 4”X 6”.
  6.  Place both large (6X12) folded pieces end to end.  Place adhesive on both flaps that are touching and glue down one of the 4”X 6” pieces.  Flip the entire card over and glue the other 4”X 6” piece on the other side.  This will give your card a finished look on both sides. 
  7.  Use your patterned paper to cut a 3 1/2"X5 1/2" piece and glue it to the middle of your card where your balloons will go.  
  8. Using additional patterned paper to accent other areas of your card.  You can also mat the pieces as we have done.  
  9. Cut out all of your balloon images at 1 1/2".  You will need 8 of one color and then 3 each of 3 other colors.  
  10. Fold all 8 balloons in half.  You need to create 2 "pop out" balloons. Use 4 balloons (folded in half) for each balloon.  Glue matching sides together to create a "fanned" look.  Glue these into the inner crease of each side of your card.  Attach string and use your glue pen to secure the string down to the card.   
  11. With the other balloon pieces, layer them on top of each other using foam dots to separate each layer.  Use string again at each balloon bottom and tie them all together using a piece of ribbon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alcohol Ink on glass & plastic

 September 8, 2010
Glass Labeling with Alcohol Inks
by Wendy Switzer

  • Glasses or cups; plastic or glass
  • Alcohol inks and supplies; applicator handle & felt applicator pads
  • Vinyl and transfer tape (or letter stickers)
  • Cricut Machine and font cartridge of your choice

  1. Cut names out of vinyl using the Cricut machine and your favorite font cartridge (or use letter stickers). 
  2. Select a glass/cup with a smooth surface to work with.  Be sure and test your "glass" products as some inks will stick better to some glass surfaces than others.
  3. If using the vinyl method: Remove vinyl from the Cricut machine and smooth transfer tape over the entire vinyl piece.  Slowly begin to peel back the transfer tape.  Make sure that you only lift out the positive (letters) and the rest of the vinyl remains.  (You can use either the positive or the negative for this project)
  4. Smooth your transfer tape, with vinyl attached, to the top edge of your glass/cup.  Peel back transfer tape leaving behind your vinyl.  
  5. Applying the alcohol ink:  Press a felt applicator pad to your applicator handle.  Drop 5-7 drops of ink onto the felt pad.  Press the ink over the vinyl, coloring the exposed glass (letters).  It dries quickly and you can remove the vinyl once you have the desired shade of color.
  6. You can add images or multiple colors for a different effect.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wow...have been so busy with an outside project that I have not had a chance to update things.  I will try and do better!
Last week on television (Sept 1) was "Cricut Mania".  I showed you how to take vinyl shapes and pieces, cut with the Cricut, to create a beautiful canvas wall art piece.  I layered, not only paint colors, but canvas boards as well.  I showed you how to use both the positive AND negative pieces of your vinyl to create this decorative look.  I used only 3 colors of paint, but changed the hue of them by mixing them with one another on each new layer.
Tomorrow I am playing with Alcohol Inks...don't quite know what I will be creating yet...hmmm...have to tune in tomorrow and see. :)

Until the next inspiration....
~Utah's Crafy Chick~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canvas Wall Art - "Cricut Wednesday"

 September 1, 2010 ~ "CRICUT WEDNESDAY"
Canvas Wall Art
by Wendy Switzer

  • 3 Canvas frames - 16X20, 2-8X10 & 2- 6X6
  • Acrylic Paint - Spring Green, Milk chocolate brown & Ivory
  • Vinyl & transfer tape
  • Cricut Machine, "Home Decor" Cartridge, mats, etc.
  • Sponge brushes
  • Paint Palette or tray for mixing paint
  • E6000 glue
  • Clear Acrylic spray


  1. Base coat all canvas using the ivory acrylic paint; let dry completely.
  2. Cut out desired designs, on vinyl, using the Cricut machine and cartridge. You want to save BOTH the positive AND negative images from the vinyl.  To do this, simply take your vinyl off of the mat and smooth a piece of transfer tape over the entire vinyl image.  Now, slowly begin to peel back the transfer tape...make sure that your POSITIVES are the only images that are being removed on the paper and your NEGATIVES are remaining down in place.  You will want to do this process with multiple images, filigrees, etc. and have them ready as you proceed with the project.
  3. Mix some green paing with a bit of ivory.  We want to start out using lighter variations and ending with the darkest. 
  4. Next take your images, that are on your transfer tape and place them down on your larges canvas around the outer edges.  Smooth out and remove the transfer tape.  Use your sponge brush & lightened green paint to paint over the entire canvas area.  Let dry and remove vinyl pieces.  
  5. Do step 4 over again with multiple images, if desired, using a lightened brown.
  6. Repeat steps 4 for the remaining 3 canvas pieces, but do not lighten the paint.  Make sure to use the NEGATIVES instead of the positives.  
  7. When all the canvas pieces are painted and dry, securely layer them using E6000. Let dry.
  8. Spray a clear acrylic, matte or gloss, to seal your project.