Thursday, September 16, 2010

AHHHHHH...I know you have felt that way too!!! :)

Don't we just want to scream that some times?  LOL  I have been running so fast and furious lately...with my show each week, hosting & filming DVD's for Provo Craft and now designing for them with their new machine for it's launch!  "CALGON...take me away"!   HAHAHA...remember that commercial?  LOL  Well, if you do remember it, I'm sure you are thinking the same as I am..."YEAH, RIGHT...LIKE THAT EVER HAPPENS DURING MY DAY"!...and if you don't remember it, then one of two things are the reason...either you had not yet emerged from the womb or you have "too much experience" in life to remember such a trivial thing! :)  In any case, if I don't get a break soon I fear you might find me walking aimlessly through a craft store muttering something about mod podge!!!

I was amazed yesterday at the response I received following my show.  I hadn't even left the studio when over 120 emails came through on my phone! WOW! THANKS EVERYONE!!! Best response to date!  I guess you all liked it, huh?! LOL No pressure now for next weeks! YIKES! Thinking cap is in place!

I have Utah's Crafty Chick on FB, on Twitter, a blog and an email...WHAT WAS I THINKING???  I am about as computer challenged as they come and I do this to myself? All we can do is laugh at ourselves for the ridiculous ways we try to keep up with the younger generation and technology! HAHAHA! Yeah, well, that laugh DID NOT WORK...I still have to try and keep up with it all now...WITH ALL THAT "SPARE" TIME I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL  So, PLEASE be patient with me as I try and keep up with it all.  The DVD filming will wrap in October and perhaps then I will be able to find my way out of my design center for more than just an occasional potty break! (Sorry for the TMI)

Back to Creating...
"Utah's Crafty Chick"

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  1. I am looking for the craft that you did on 2 news on Sept 22. Can I get the directions from you, Please??