Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wow...have been so busy with an outside project that I have not had a chance to update things.  I will try and do better!
Last week on television (Sept 1) was "Cricut Mania".  I showed you how to take vinyl shapes and pieces, cut with the Cricut, to create a beautiful canvas wall art piece.  I layered, not only paint colors, but canvas boards as well.  I showed you how to use both the positive AND negative pieces of your vinyl to create this decorative look.  I used only 3 colors of paint, but changed the hue of them by mixing them with one another on each new layer.
Tomorrow I am playing with Alcohol Inks...don't quite know what I will be creating yet...hmmm...have to tune in tomorrow and see. :)

Until the next inspiration....
~Utah's Crafy Chick~

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