Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recycled Container Crafts

Recycled Box Crafts
 September 29, 2010
Recycled Crafts
by Wendy Switzer


·         Recycled containers – popcorn box, cereal box, matches container & 2 liter pop bottle
·         Patterned paper & coordinating cardstock
·         Ribbon
·         Adhesive runner
·         Glue dots
·         Scissors
·         Ruler
·         XL brads & button magnets
·         Floral Stems
·         Acetate plastic
·         Tulle, Tissue paper, etc.
·         Paper crimper
·         Rick rack


1.     Securely glue down the flaps of the opened end of a cereal box.  Cut one of the side panels off.
2.     Cut matching elongated handles out of each side of the cereal box.
3.     Cut patterned paper or wrapping paper to fit the box. 
4.     Glue paper on the entire outside of the box. Cut away handle holes. 
5.     Decorate with accents such as ribbon, yarn, rick rack, etc.
6.     Pull apart your floral stem and add a few large flowers to the outside.  Add a XL brad for the flower center.  This can be used as a cute carrying bag or a unique gift bag. Add gift and tissue paper...perfect!

1.     Use your matches container for this project.  Measure your container and cut paper to completely cover the container. 
2.     For the boys bug container, cut a rectangle hole in the center of the outer lid part.  Cut a piece of acetate and secure it to the inside.  This becomes your see-through window for your bug catcher.
3.     You can also cover the sliding drawer of the container, but make sure your paper is not too thick or you will not be able to slide it very easily.
4.     Girls container…same as above only we did not cut out a center window.  We added a rectangle piece of paper, cut a decorative edge and added a paper flower in the center. This can be used as a cute gift box.

1.     Cut small side flaps off the popcorn box.
2.     Glue large end flaps down, as if the box were secured closed like new. 
3.     Make a cut along the long end of one of the larger flaps…so now you have a top flap that will open.  The two flaps that you cut off the sides, adhere together and attach to the flap (where you cut it from the box).  Make sure you still have a fold right at the cut edge so that your extended flap will fold over the box and create your purse flap.
4.     Completely cover your box in cardstock, paper or wrapping paper. 
5.     Punch holes in the sides of the boxes (just below where you cut off the small flaps in step 1.
6.     Cut a length of ribbon approx. 24” long. 
7.     Poke XL brads through the ribbon and then through the holes you punched in the box.  Open the brad ends on the inside of the box.
8.     Decorate the outside of the box with ribbon, flowers, etc.
9.     Add two magnet buttons to the underside of the purse flaps (one on each side) and 2 more button magnets attached to the outside of the purse.  Make sure the magnets are placed so that they will all match up when the flap is in the closed position.

1.     Rinse and dry your soda bottle.
2.     About 3” from the bottom of your bottle you will notice a slight indent/ring.  This will be your cutting guide.
3.     Cut the bottom of the bottle off right along that ring.
4.     Cut a slight slit in the larger portion of the bottle, starting at the bottom (where you cut the bottom off) and cut up about 4”.  This will give you the slack you need to fit the bottle back inside the bottom piece after you are done filling your container and decorating it.
5.     Decorate the bottle with paper, a crimped hat edged with rick rack, add some ribbon for the top of the party hat, etc.  Be creative.  You can add a word strip towards the top.
6.     Tie tulle, ribbon, etc. around the neck of the bottle. 
7.     Add some accent on top and around the lid if desired.  Add a gift tag to complete the gift.

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