Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Party

 October 6, 2010 ~ "CRICUT WEDNESDAY"
Halloween Party Decor
by Wendy Switzer

·         Cricut machine
·         Cricut supplies – mat, spatula, etc
·         Cricut Cartridge – “Happy Hauntings”
·         Cardstock – black, yellow, purple, orange, gray
·         Vellum – not too thick
·         Patterned Halloween Paper
·         Eyelash Yarn – black
·         Wire & wire cutters
·         ¾” dowel
·         Glue pen
·         Adhesive runner
·         Foam dots
·         Black ink
·         Black marker


1.     Cut all the pieces of the Haunted Mansion, using black and yellow cardstock, from the “Happy Hauntings” cartridge. 
2.     Assemble according to directions.  Make sure to use a strong adhesive.
3.     Cut the “table top” shape at a “fit to page” size to act as a doily for the Haunted Mansion to sit on.
4.     Cut out vellum ghosts to add to the mansion.
5.     Draw shingles in the roof elements. Draw cracks in all the sides of the mansion and chimneys.

1.     Cut out the table top using a decorative Halloween paper.
2.     Cut 4 of the table leg pieces.  Instructions tell you to only cut two, but cutting 4, and assembling them as we will explain, will make the table much sturdier.  If you have a Gypsy or Design Studio, use the “hide contour” option to “erase” the slits in the table legs.
3.     Next fold each table leg piece in half.  Glue folded edges together in the center. Cut 4 pieces of black cardstock measuring 2.5”X 3/8”.  Fold each piece in half and glue to the inside folds of each leg piece (You can skip this step if you used “hide the contour”). 
4.     Place the table top under the slits in the leg tops.  Two of the scalloped edges are slit in half and the leg pieces slide all the way inside the doily scallop.   The other two leg slits will slide in between two of the scalloped edges.  Each leg will be opposite the other leg, so that the table will stand stable.

1.     Cut out the pumpkin, coffins & headstone favor boxes at 7”. Set aside
2.     Cut out 2 7” skeletons.  You will use only the body and torso section (you can use “hide contours” if you are using Gypsy or Design Studio).
3.     Cut a black coffin shaped doily for the top.  Make sure to cut it out of a contrasting color and NOT out of white cardstock.
4.     Ink the edges of the headstone & add the letters RIP.  Wrap wire around the dowel to create your looped handle.  Cut the handle at 6-8” and poke holes through the sides of the headstone container.  Secure the wire handle to the insides of the box.  Tie with a bit of eyelash yard or ribbon.
5.     Fold pumpin and ink edges.  Add the face.  You can add a bit of green yarn as vine, if desired.
6.     Fold all the pieces of the coffin.  Add your coffin shaped doily to the lid.  Next, glue one of the skeleton torsos to the top.  To the 2nd torso, add foam adhesive dots to the back and place directly over the first skeleton torso.  The foam dots will add a bit of depth to the finished lid.
Add a bit of yarn or ribbon to tie it off.

1.     Cut 6-8 10” trees.  Fold each tree in half.  Follow the same directions as you did for the table legs, hiding contours if you are able. 
2.     Secure tree together as you did with the table.
3.     Cut some 2” vellum ghosts to add to the tree branches.
4.     Cut a table top as a doily, if desired.

1.     Decide on your banner saying and then cut out the number of desired shapes for your banner letter bases, in Halloween patterned paper.
2.     Cut out enough 6” skeleton frames, out of black cardstock, to match the number of letter bases.
3.     Glue one skeleton frame onto each base.
4.     Cut out your letters at 2”…cut one set out of a solid coordinating color and the other in black.
5.     Glue your black letters into the inside of the frames.
6.     Ink colored letters and foam dot the backs before adding them on top of the black letters.  You can off-set the top letters just a bit to give it a different look
7.     Secure a length of yarn or ribbon to the backs of the banner pieces. 

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