Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy Corn Lunch Fun

 October 27, 2010
Candy Corn Crazy
by Wendy Switzer

·         Colored paper lunch sacks
·         Misc cardstock scraps
·         Black ink
·         Wiggly eyes
·         Ingredients to make bread dough or frozen bread dough
·         Food coloring: orange & yellow
·         Adhesive
·         Cardstock: misc colors for each sack
·         Clear lunch cup container
·         Plastic spoon
·         Candy corn
·         Pineapple tidbits
·         Mandarin oranges
·         Mini marshmallows
·         White chocolate


Candy Corn Finger Sandwiches

1)     Mix dough and let rise (or thaw and let rise).  Divide into three parts, 1 larger part and the other two parts smaller, but the same size. 
2)     Kneed orange food coloring into the largest piece of dough.
3)     Kneed yellow food coloring into one of the smallest pieces of dough.
4)     Roll the last (white) dough into a tube or “snake” piece the length of the bread pan.
5)     Roll out the orange dough so that the width is the same as the white dough’s length. 
6)     Wrap the orange dough around the white dough and pinch together.
7)     Roll out the yellow dough and roll around the orange dough.  Pinch sides and ends together so that you cannot see any orange dough. 
8)     Grease a bread pan and place your dough in the pan.  Set aside to rise.
9)     Once the dough has risen to just the top of the bread pan, bake it according to directions
10)  Once bread has baked and had time to cool, cut into slices.  Fix sandwiches as usual.  Cut into triangle pieces and you now have “candy corn” bread finger sandwiches.

     Candy Corn Fruit Salad

1)     Layer fruit in lunch container…pineapple first, then mandarin oranges, topped with marshmallows.
2)     Use a little melted white chocolate to dip the end of the spoon in.  While still soft, press a candy corn into the chocolate and let harden.  A little sugar treat for after lunch is eaten. 

Fun Lunch Sacks

1)     Candy Corn: White sack, add a yellow cardstock strip at the bottom, a wider orange strip above the yellow, add a face on the front.
2)     Pumpkin sack: Orange lunch sack, color the top green, tie with green tulle and add or draw a face on the front.
3)     Frankenstein: Green lunch sack, black hair at the top, draw a few lines and stitches on his face, add some eyes, nose and mouth.
4)     Cat: Black lunch sack, add yellow eyes, cut triangles for the ears and attach at the top of the sack
5)     Mummy: White sack, cut strips of white cardstock and edge with black ink, glue to sack in a layered manner, add wiggly eyes

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