Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Favorite Things!

Well, todays segments was all about the things that I love and cannot live without in my design center.  


Die Cutting:  
Cricut Expression & my Gypsy.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them and there is not a single day that goes by that I am not creating on one or both of them.  Last year I went through 72 mats! YIKES! Does that tell you just how much I use, and enjoy, them to create with? WOOHOO!!!  It is definitely one of my all time favorite products.  Although I do not have ALL of the cartridges, I make very good use of the 100+ that I do have! I just recently added the Cricut Imagine to my collection and designed some fun projects for a DVD I hosted for Provo Craft.  Another innovative product that will surely be a favorite! 

ATG tape gun! It might seem like it's a bit bulky and awkward, but once you try it, you will NEVER go back.  The reason I always reach for my ATG gun, is that the cost to use it is minimal compared to regular tape runners.  While competitive tape runners have anywhere from 20-50 feet and can cost you anywhere from $ .17 - $ .70/yd, the ATG gun refill tape is only $2.54 for 36 yards.  That comes out to be only $ .07/yd!  Going through adhesive like I do, this was the only economical choice for me. 

Album/Book Binder:
This is a great way to make your original albums come together.  Very user friendly and can bind anything from calendars to chipboard books.  The wire bindings come in various sizes so pretty much anything you can dream up for an album or keepsake can be bound together in a matter of minutes.  If you love to make your own mini books, albums, cookbooks, calendars, etc., then this is the perfect way to get the job done with professional looking results. 

Acrylic Resin
This product continues to amaze me each time I find a new use for it.  Not only can you add a touch of shine to a project, but a bit of that 3-D look as well.  This resin has a final result that is clear and raised.  I LOVE working with this in my jewelry designs, accenting a flat area in a project and of course you can use it as a glitter fixative.  Using it as a glue on projects gives it one more reason that it is a MUST in any crafters corner.

Glue Dots
This is a product that just has so many uses...AND...has so many different types to choose from.  "Glue Dots" come so many sizes and forms, but my favorites have to be the small, the thick and the lines.  These are perfect for those simple little jobs that you need just a dab of glue here or there.  I love the strength of these wonderful little dots and have used them on everything from paper to wood...metal to floral.  They are the perfect thing to have sitting out on your desk and within your reach! 

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