Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alcohol Ink on glass & plastic

 September 8, 2010
Glass Labeling with Alcohol Inks
by Wendy Switzer

  • Glasses or cups; plastic or glass
  • Alcohol inks and supplies; applicator handle & felt applicator pads
  • Vinyl and transfer tape (or letter stickers)
  • Cricut Machine and font cartridge of your choice

  1. Cut names out of vinyl using the Cricut machine and your favorite font cartridge (or use letter stickers). 
  2. Select a glass/cup with a smooth surface to work with.  Be sure and test your "glass" products as some inks will stick better to some glass surfaces than others.
  3. If using the vinyl method: Remove vinyl from the Cricut machine and smooth transfer tape over the entire vinyl piece.  Slowly begin to peel back the transfer tape.  Make sure that you only lift out the positive (letters) and the rest of the vinyl remains.  (You can use either the positive or the negative for this project)
  4. Smooth your transfer tape, with vinyl attached, to the top edge of your glass/cup.  Peel back transfer tape leaving behind your vinyl.  
  5. Applying the alcohol ink:  Press a felt applicator pad to your applicator handle.  Drop 5-7 drops of ink onto the felt pad.  Press the ink over the vinyl, coloring the exposed glass (letters).  It dries quickly and you can remove the vinyl once you have the desired shade of color.
  6. You can add images or multiple colors for a different effect.

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