Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pop Out Birthday Card

September 15, 2010
Pop Out Birthday Card
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·        Cricut Machine
·        Cricut Accessories – mat, spatula, etc.
·        Cricut Cartridge – "George & Basic Shapes" (or balloon punch)
·        Cardstock – Yellow, red
·        Patterned paper - "Bo Bunny", or other birthday patterns
·        Adhesive runner
·        Adhesive pen
·        Foam adhesive dots/squares
·        Paper Cutter
·        Paper Scoring
·        Bone Folder
·        Ruler & pencil
·        Xacto knife and cutting mat
·        White string
·        Red ribbon, or other coordinating
·        Ink

  1. Decide which color will be used as your base.  Cut it into 2 pieces measuring 6”X12”.  Score both pieces at 2”, 4”, 8” & 10”.  These will be your folding marks.  Do not fold your creases yet.  
  2. Ink each piece of paper as you go along, if that look is desired.
  3.  Place both pieces in front of you, horizontally.   Measure 1 ½” down from the top and make a small mark on the 2” & 10” scoring lines. Take your ruler and line up these marks and use the Xacto knife to cut a line from the 2” to the 10” mark.  Do the same measuring and cutting a line, 1 ½” up from the bottom. 
  4.  Fold on the score lines.  Fold as an accordion style; fold first column away from you, next away from you, etc.  
  5.  Using the same color as your card base, cut 4”X 6”.
  6.  Place both large (6X12) folded pieces end to end.  Place adhesive on both flaps that are touching and glue down one of the 4”X 6” pieces.  Flip the entire card over and glue the other 4”X 6” piece on the other side.  This will give your card a finished look on both sides. 
  7.  Use your patterned paper to cut a 3 1/2"X5 1/2" piece and glue it to the middle of your card where your balloons will go.  
  8. Using additional patterned paper to accent other areas of your card.  You can also mat the pieces as we have done.  
  9. Cut out all of your balloon images at 1 1/2".  You will need 8 of one color and then 3 each of 3 other colors.  
  10. Fold all 8 balloons in half.  You need to create 2 "pop out" balloons. Use 4 balloons (folded in half) for each balloon.  Glue matching sides together to create a "fanned" look.  Glue these into the inner crease of each side of your card.  Attach string and use your glue pen to secure the string down to the card.   
  11. With the other balloon pieces, layer them on top of each other using foam dots to separate each layer.  Use string again at each balloon bottom and tie them all together using a piece of ribbon.

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