Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T-Shirt Jewelry & Scarf

September 22, 2010
T~Shirt Jewelry & Scarves
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·        T-shirts – used/old or new, large or small sizes
·        Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
·        Beads with large holes

1.      Begin by pre-washing your t-shirt (if using new t-shirts).
2.     Start at the bottom of the t-shirt and cut off the bottom hem.
3.     Cut strips 1” wide.  The larger the t-shirt size the longer the strips will be which will vary your finished project size.
4.     Pull each strip to it’s maximum stretch point.  This will curl and stretch your pieces into the “ropes” to be used in this project.  You will need 5-8 “ropes” for each project.
5.     To make a necklace, gather 4-6 “rope” ends.  Hold in both hands and in one motion, twist one hand away from you and the other towards you (your ropes will look like a figure 8).  Bring hands together and you now have your necklace form.

6.     Take another “rope” and twist the same way only do it twice.  Tie your knot around the bottom part of the necklace. (blue)  You can either tie it or do a double “rubberband tie” loop for a different look.  (white)
7.     You can also take strips of t-shirt fabric and make little ties around the necklace. 
8.     Tie knots around one entire rope and add to plain ropes for a different look. 
9.     You can take one strip and run 3 beads onto it.  Tie it together with a knot.  Tie two knots at the opposite end on either side of the middle bead.  This will give you a necklace with two different looks.  First you have a necklace that is “bead, knot, bead, knot, bead.  If you slide the outer two beads to the other end then you have a “knot, bead, knot” necklace.
To make the scarf…You will want to use large t-shirts for this.  Take 6 “ropes”, divide into two groups of three  and “rubberband tie” them together at one end.  On the other ends, tie knots and you are done. 


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