Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scotch Brand Products

Fantastic Scotch Products to decorate without harming your walls or furniture!

Today we demonstrated the new Scotch "Restickable Tabs and Shapes".  They are amazing for any of your household, decorating or crafting needs.  The double-sided feature and flexibility of the tabs and shapes are perfect for just about any need...
Secure photos, calendars or even heavier items such as a clock to the wall! 

  • Convert your favorite magnets to stick on your stainless steel refrigerator!  
  • How about hang your children's priceless art, 
  • Secure your gaming sensors or favorite knickknacks. 
  • Cut the tabs to a precise size for any project or need. 
 The possibilities and uses are endless. 
Use the "Restickable Shapes" and some flat glass pebbles to create a fake magnet!  Or use the clear tabs to secure decorations around a frame that can easily be changed for the seasons or holidays!

The best feature....these amazing little gems are RE-USABLE!  What a great value!  No more sticky mess of adhesives, costly replaceable sticky strips, no holes in walls from push pins or the mess of a sticky putty.  These products offer, not only a great convenience, but the money saving ability to be re-used again and again! And I know we all LOVE saving money! 


Another benefit to these fancy little tabs are their strength!!!  The clear TABS can securely hold up to 1 lb and the SHAPES can hold up to 3/4 lb.  Perfect for the college dorm room, school lockers or just about any flat surface that you are needing to "glitz" up!  For the upcoming holiday decorations...these are a MUST! 

You can find these, and other Scotch products, at local merchandise, office, grocery or craft stores.  They retail for $2.99-$3.99 and are a fantastic value considering these are a re-usable product! 

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