Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-D Glass Art

March 30, 2011
Layered Glass Art
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·         5 Pictures frames (any size)
·         Foam mounting squares/dots
·         E-6000 glue
·         Adhesive Runner
·         Layering elements - Stickers, Photos, Die-cuts, etc.
·         Dry erase marker


1.     Remove glass from all frames and clean well.
2.     Number the glass pieces, 1-5.
3.     Stack them in numerical order…1 being on top.
4.     Select an element to use as your art.
5.     The bottom piece of glass with be where you will begin placing your art elements.
6.     Place all of your foreground pieces on the bottom piece of glass (#5)
7.     Place #4 on top and begin to add next layer of art pieces.
8.     Continue with each layer until all glass pieces and layers have been created
9.     Make sure all layers of glass and art pieces are in the places you desire and line up, when you place all of the glass on top of each other. 
10.  Next, separate all the glass pieces and on the TOPS of each glass piece, place foam dots in each corner of the glass.  Remove the top adhesive protectors and adhere each glass piece to the one below.
11.  Add adhesive to the inside edge of the frame so you are able to securely keep your glass art in place.
12.  Place your glass into the frame and press into place.  Let dry.
13.  Place another frame (same style as top frame) onto the back and glue into place as you did with the top frame. 

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