Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-D Glass Art

March 30, 2011
Layered Photo & Shadow Box
by Wendy Switzer

Supply List:
·         2 Picture frames – with sections built into the frame (or with sectioned matting)
·         6-8 copies of a favorite photo
·         Foam mounting squares/dots
·         E-6000 glue
·         Adhesive Runner
·         Misc memorabilia
·         Scissors


1.     Remove glass from all frames and clean well.
2.     Set one photo aside, this will be your back/foreground photo.
3.     Next, begin to cut out elements of your photo starting with the furthest items in the photo
4.     Continue to cut elements out of the photos until you have cut out the “closest” items.
5.     Begin to layer them in order…furthest to closest.
6.     Use foam dots to secure them to the project and to give them the 3-D effect.
7.     Secure both pieces of the glass into each frame.
8.     You will be gluing the frames back-to-back, so place the frames onto your work surface with the glass facing UP.  One will be your bottom piece and the other the top. 
9.     On the BOTTOM piece begin to place all of your elements (photo and memorabilia) facing up and secure them into place once you have them laid out as desired. NOTE: you can add a special message, saying, newspaper clipping, vinyl lettering, etc.
10.  Place second frame on top and make sure everything shows through as desired.
11.  Glue frames together and your project is ready to hang.  

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