Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chocolate Crafting

Chocolate Crafting

April 20, 2011
by Wendy Switzer


·         Almond Bark or melting chocolate discs (various colors/flavors)
·         Plastic Easter eggs – Any size
·         Silk flowers & leaves
·         Paintbrushes
·         Spoons
·         Electric skillet, hot plate or microwave
·         Bowls
·         Saucepan
·         Fondant
·         Candy, small toys, etc.
·         Food coloring paste


1.     Slowly melt chocolates.  Do not heat too much or it will scorch and ruin texture
2.     Wash & dry plastic eggs
3.     Pour chocolate into both plastic egg pieces and place into freezer for 5-10 minutes (depends on the size of the egg used.
4.     When your egg is ready for the next step, the chocolate will be shiny in the middle, but dull around the edges.
5.     Pour or spoon out the chocolate from the center.  Put back into the freezer to allow the center to set up.
6.     Once the chocolate has hardened completely, tap gently on the outside (plastic) and your chocolate egg will fallout of the mold.
7.     Once you have both egg halves, fill one side with small toys, candy, etc.
8.     As glue to secure the halves together, “paint” chocolate on one of the edges of one half of the chocolate egg.  Press halves together and place in freezer to set up.
9.     When the seam has set up, remove and prepare to decorate.
10.  Roll out fondant and color if desired.
11.  Measure around your chocolate egg and cut a ½” strip of fondant that will go completely around your egg to cover the seam.

Chocolate Flowers:

a.     Melt chocolate as you did in step 1 above
b.    Paint chocolate onto silk flower or leaf.
c.     Place into freezer to set up.
d.    Once chocolate has set up, CAREFULLY peel away silk flower or leaf
e.     Paint on chocolate accents if desired.  Let set up again.
f.     Use melted chocolate as glue to adhere flowers to the top of the chocolate egg.

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