Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zipper Crafting

Zipper Purses & Pouches
by Wendy Switzer
Time to create: 1 hour
Level: Beginner

  • Zippers - any size 16" or larger (we used 22" & 36" for the projects pictured above)
  • Ribbon - any size 3/8" or larger
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (optional...these can be made completely by hand)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Pins


Once you have the basic steps down, these instructions will work with any size of zipper and ribbon.  You might want to test it out before sewing by just pinning the zipper to the ribbon first.  
  1. Lay your zipper out in front of you...zipper should be closed, zipper stop to your left and zipper pull to the right.
  2. Begin by rounding the corners of your ribbon with scissors and then to prevent the edge from fraying melt the edge slightly with a lighter or match. 
  3. Measure up 3" from the bottom of the zipper stop.  This is where you will start your ribbon.  Your ribbon will start at your 3" mark and move to your left. (see photo below)

Begin sewing small stitches to secure your ribbon to the zipper edge.  Remember not to sew too close to the zipper or you will have a struggle opening and closing the zipper.  You can use a sewing machine to sew the ribbon to the zipper, but you will need to stop and hand sew each time you come to a turn/corner.

Once you have sewn around the zipper stop, continue all the way up (photo B) towards the zipper pull,  leaving a 4" space before you reach the zipper pull (photo B).  Cut off your ribbon, round the edge and fray prevent as before.  



Next unzip the zipper

Now go back to the very beginning and wrap the zipper around the ribbon end that you started with.  You will need to do this by hand, pinning it in place helps.

Continue sewing the zipper to the ribbon edge all the way around until you run out of zipper to sew 

Now take the other end of the zipper and wrap it around the other end of the ribbon as you did before.  

You will end next to the other zipper stop.   

Fold the edges of each zipper end in slightly, and secure in place.

Clip off any loose threads and zip up your are finished!  

Here are some additional projects we made and the variances we used are listed...

 This zipper clutch was created using a 36" zipper and 1" ribbon.
Create a ribbon rosette by gathering the bottom edge of 12" of ribbon.
Roll the ribbon and stitch the gathered edge together.  Sew to the corner.

22" zipper and 1/2" ribbon.  Also added a loop of ribbon for a handle. 

20" zipper & 1/2" ribbon.  If you follow the basic directions, but use a 20" zipper, 
you end up with a "sour cream" pouch look.

20" zipper and 1/2" ribbon.  Again, the "sour cream" pouch look.  
Add a loop of ribbon for a handle or add 
additional ribbon and buttons for accent as I did above.

Have fun with this! These are perfect for coin purses, lunch money pouches attached to backpacks, unique gift wrapping for jewelry, make up, cell phones, etc. 

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  2. Thanks for this tutorial! I've bought the materials for one of these, I've just been dragging my feet in the figure-out-how-it's-done stage!