Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Month in a Frame

 January 5, 2011
by Wendy Switzer


·         Large rectangular frame 11 ¾” X 36”
·         Cricut machine, mat, accessories, etc
·         Cricut cartridges “Designer’s Calendar” & “George”
·         Cricut font cartridge of your choice.
·         Cricut Design Studio or Gypsy (optional)
·         Vinyl
·         Transfer tape
·         Button magnets ½”-¾”, strong hold - 9
·         Magnet strips
·         Chipboard – white (or reg. chipboard painted white)
·         Paper cutter
·         Decorative cardstock – seasonal
·         Metal sheeting or metal shingles
·         Bone folder
·         Dry erase markers


1)     Remove backing & matting from frame.
2)     Cut a piece of metal sheeting to fit into frame.  Set aside. 
3)     NOTE: All vinyl will be applied to the front/outside of your frame’s glass.
4)     Cut the circle calendar mat from “Designer’s Calendar”.  If you have Design Studio or Gypsy, you can weld the days of the weeks abbreviation’s at the top of each column of circles. 
5)     Weed out your vinyl, press transfer tape onto design, burnish with bone folder, peel back and apply to left side of frame.  Make sure you have it placed evenly.  Burnish once again and carefully peel back the transfer tape.
6)     Next, use the “George and Basic Shapes” cartridge and select the “silhouette” feature.  Cut out seven 6” vertical rectangles. ”.  If you have Design Studio or Gypsy, you can weld the first letter of each day to the upper left inside corner of each rectangle. Prepare to apply them to the front of the frame as you did in step 4.
7)     Cut out the words “This Week” at 1 ½”.  ”.  If you have Design Studio or Gypsy, you can weld the letters and stretch them horizontally.  Prepare to apply them to the front of the frame as you did in step 4.
8)     Next cut out twelve ½” circles.  These will be the side design for your “This Week” title. Prepare to apply them to the front of the frame as you did in step 4.
9)     Next, use your font cartridge to cut out the following letters in vinyl.  If the letter has stars after it, you will need to cut multiples of that letter.  Cut that letter out as many times as there are starts (example: if the letter is followed by 3 stars, you will need THREE of that letter). 
 Capital letters at 1 ½”: A, D, J, M,N,O,S & F.  Lower case letters at ¾”: a**, b, c, e***, g, h, i, l, m, n, o, p, r**, s, t, u**, v & y.
10)  Weed out letters and prepare to apply them onto your chipboard squares.  I found it easier to peel off the letters and apply them one by one, rather than using the transfer tape.  The transfer tape might stick to the chipboard too much and peel off your chipboard surface.
11)  Cut out chipboard squares 2”X2”.  You will need to cut 31.
12)  Apply vinyl letters to the squares. One letter per square.
13)  Cut 1” pieces of your magnet strip and add a strip to the back of each chipboard letter.
14)  Place some decorative paper behind your circle calendar (backside of glass and inside of frame) and behind the rectangles.  You can use a little repositionable adhesive to hold them in place.  You can switch out the decorative paper each month to create a coordinating or seasonal look. You can also add personal pictures to dress it up a bit. 
15)  Place metal sheeting in frame and replace frame backing.
16)  Place button magnets above the “This Week” saying and spell out that month with your chipboard letters.  You can also create images, for each month, to go on either side of the monthly title.
17)  Use the dry erase marker to fill in the dates on your calendar and your events in your “This Week’s” rectangles.

 ***The metal in the picture shows up as a greenish color for some reason. It really is silver metal***

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