Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ok, so we made a quick stop at my mom's work to pick up some items she wanted me to take to my brother in California.  First of all, we do NOT have much room left after all of our crafty necessities, snacks and such.  So we find room for her computer (brother is going to fix it for her) and then she hands me a small cooler.  ???  Hmm...made us some goodies to take on the road?  Oh nice mom!  WRONG!!!  After she tells us what is in the cooler, Heidi and I are laughing so's a raw MEATLOAF! My brother LOVES my mom's meatloaf and now it is my responsibility to "smuggle" one across state lines! ROFLMBO  SERIOUSLY???  Oh, good grief!  We find a safe place for the coveted entrée and we are on the road again...

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