Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craft Room Organization

Roll up those sleeves and get organizing your creative space.  No matter how large or small, a few simple bins, baskets or drawers and you will transform your craft area into something that will work better for you! When things are organized...the creative juices seem to flow more freely...and we all LOVE that!

Old Cassette Tape Racks

Before you throw out ANY kind of old organizers, make sure you aren't throwing away something that can be used to organize your work area.  Using an old cassette tape shelf/rack, I was able to neatly arrange all of my stamp pads into one convenient area.  I no longer have to search through a drawer or bin...they are all right there at a glance and easy to access.  

Paper stackers & bins

I found that using my stacking paper racks can be used for more than just paper.  By adding a few bins of assorted sizes, I transformed a small 10X12 section of my counter top into a LARGE accessory area.  

Filing Crates = Cricut Cartridge Organizers

Stacking these crates on their end, you can fit 16 cartridges in each crate.  Two cartridges fit perfectly stacked.  I cut a piece of chipboard to act as a shelf in between the two layers.  The chipboard helped to keep the top row of cartridges in place when I removed one from the lower level.  

Peg Board pegboard is NOT just for the garage any more!  I secured a 6'X8' piece to my wall...BEST THING EVER.  Of course I could not leave it the plain brown so I painted it black, which makes it really stand out.  I use it to organize my ribbon (both fabric & curling), tools, cutters, cutting mats, tulle, etc.  I was able to purchase some metal shelves from a scrapbook store that was closing and they make PERFECT shelves for keeping all my fabric ribbon neat and tidy.  I also love this method because when I run out of a certain color/style, replenishing that spool is so much easier than when I had them all on dowels. THAT was a PAIN! 

Drawers and Labeler

A place for everything...and everything in it's place.  These drawers are a lifesaver for keeping things neat and organized, but not only for me, but they also help my assistants in cleaning up and getting items put away correctly.  Nothing puts a "wrench" in the creating like not knowing where something has been placed.  Label the drawers, then NOTHING goes in the drawer except for what is on the label and clean up is a breeze! 

TOO many Cricut Cartridges???
(Welcome to my world...LOL)

I had tried to figure a way to keep all of my cartridges accessible, yet try and compact the area in which all my cartridges were occupying.  Like mentioned above, the filing crates work great...that is unless you are a cartridge addict like myself and then you become over-run with them! :)  I had heard of tearing the fronts of the boxes off and filing them with the book and overlay (YES...there are those who actually do that!  YIKES...NO WAY FOR ME...I could no more massacre those cute little boxes that I could part with any of them!!!).  Then I had heard of putting the book, overlay and cartridge in baggies and hanging them on dowels or a "Clip-It-Up" organizer.  Both are great ideas if you have a limited supply of cartridges.  BUT...again...I am the "ADDICT" and storing nearly 200 cartridges was becoming a stressful thing.  

Well, after a few weeks of trying this and trying that, I finally came up with something that least for me.  I purchased a large Sterilite, 3 drawer organizer on wheels.  I took all of the books, cartridges and overlays out of their boxes.  I carefully stored away all the cartridge boxes.  As you can see from the photos, I arranged the books and overlays in alphabetical order.  2 rows of 40 fit in each drawer...times 3 drawers...hahaha...equals plenty of room for current cartridges PLUS room for lots of new ones!  Now for the cartridge storage.  I cut 2 pieces of plexi-glass for each drawer, placed velcro on the plexi-glass AND the back of each cartridge, arranged them alphabetically and the plexi-glass pieces lay right on top of the books perfectly.  The drawer organizer rolls neatly under my Cricut table and TA-DA...I just freed up 3'X8' area in my design center! 

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